What we do

Lost and Missing Person Search

cbsar_services_lost_person_searchOur core service, CBSAR volunteers are on call 24-7-365 to respond to lost and missing person emergencies throughout the Cape Breton area (and beyond). While the majority of our call-outs are to densely wooded areas, CBSAR also train year-round to offer urban, shoreline and inland water rescue services.

Civil Emergency Assistance

cbsar_civil_emergency_assistanceIn the event of civil emergency or natural disaster (hurricane, flood, tornado, etc), CBSAR can be called upon to provide rescue services, communications support, first-aid, evacuation assistance and more.

Police Evidence Search

cbsar_evidence_searchCBSAR assist the Royal Canadian Mounted Police with the discovery and recovery of evidence to support various criminal and missing person investigations.

Lost Prevention Education

cbsar_adventure_smartOur volunteers offer Lost Prevention Education to youth and community organizations through our Adventure Smart and ‘Hug-a-Tree and Survive’ programs. In addition, we also offer tailored outdoor education lectures and Map & Compass navigation training to the general public. For more information or to book a lecture for your school or community group, contact us today.

Project Lifesaver


A member team of the Project Lifesaver Association of Nova Scotia (PLANS) and Project Lifesaver International, CBSAR has provided the Project Lifesaver Program since 2011. Designed for individuals at-risk of wandering due to cognitive conditions, Project Lifesaver utilizes an RF emitting bracelet which is worn around the clients wrist (or ankle). In the event that a PL client wanders away from the home, all the caregiver need do is call 9-1-1. Afterward, a police authority will dispatch a CBSAR Electronic Search Specialist (ESS) who–utilizing program specific radio direction finding equipment–can locate the individual in as little as 30 minutes.

To learn more about the Project Lifesaver program, please click here.